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 I’m writing this on the first really hot day this summer – it’s 8:30am and already close to 25C. The forecast high for today is 31 with a humidex of 35.

Personally, I love this weather. I’m of the opinion that summer is supposed to be hot. Furthermore, since we spend so much of our lives shivering, a couple weeks of warm temperatures is lovely. I’ll probably be singing a different song when this is over, but right now, I love it.

*image from personal archives - taken August 2012

But it can complicate my knitting. I knit all year round in a house and store without air conditioning and don’t often adjust my knitting plans based on the weather. That said, the adult-sized Lopi I’m making my son will probably take a little break. It’s at the stage where the arms have been joined to the body, so you’ve got the entire sweater in your lap as you work the yolk. But I will continue working on a summer-weight top, a shawl, socks and will start a pair of mittens.  

Butternut Scarf
*image from personal archives - taken July 2012

I’ve noticed over the years that knitters tend to divide into different groups based on weather. There are those who ignore the weather and keep on knitting. Some switch to lighter yarns and use cottons, silks and linens to make warm weather clothing and accessories. Some stick to wools but make small projects like hats, socks and mitts – things that won’t end up feeling like you’ve got a sheep in your lap. Some people switch to other fibre crafts such as spinning, felting, or sewing. And some let their knitting stop altogether in favour of things like gardening, camping, kayaking and cottaging. Though based on images in my Instagram feed, small knitting projects are showing up in all these places. Even in kayaks! I must admit that while I’m a reasonably competent paddler and haven’t accidentally rolled my kayak in years, I’m still not brave enough to knit in it.

So, I’m curious to know – what kind of summer knitter are you? Do you adjust your plans because of the heat? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  • I knit in the summer! No air conditioning, so it’s either in the basement, where it’s cool, or I find a shady spot outside with a breeze. I keep the projects lightweight, like lace scarves, with fine yarn that has a good amount of silk, so it’s slippery, even if my hands get a bit sweaty! I even took my knitting to Florida in May/June, and knit on the beach!

    Laurel on

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