Learn to Spin with a Spinning Wheel

Learn to Spin with a Spinning Wheel

  • $65.00

Always Wanted To Learn How To Spin? 

When: Saturday November 17 from 10:00 - 3:00 pm
Unraveled (9 Wilson St. East, Perth)

People tend to be intimidated by the magical art of spinning. Remember, however, that in ‘the olden days’ little girls were taught how to spin at about age seven. I guarantee that in this workshop you will learn to produce yarn -- maybe a little rough, but definitely yarn. 


Topics covered include:

  • spinning wheels and how they work
  • types of fibres and how to assess them
  • hand-processing of different fibres
  • using carders, flick carders and combs
  • spinning ‘singles’
  • plying
  • skeining your yarn



What you need to bring

Bring your lunch as this is a full day workshop.

We have wheels available for this class but if you have access to a working wheel (preferably not an antique -- they're harder to learn on) you are welcome to bring it. Please indicate when registering if you have one.  

If you have carders, wool combs, a flick-carder or a couple of wire dog brushes please bring them, as well as a niddy-noddy; if you have no idea what any of those things are, not to worry. Spinning fibre will be provided but if you have some at home you want to use, you're welcome to bring it along